Jay Goldbach
Music, Woodworking & Fine Art

Music Insane Pony

I moved to New England in late 1999 and soon started hanging out with some college friends who lived in the area. Everytime we all got together one of us would eventually grab a guitar and we'd do our best to play some songs, none of which we knew completely (or very well). The wives eventually started to complain that if we were going to play songs, we should at least learn them.

A few months later, we started meeting in Mike's basement. As there were already two guitarists, I started learning Dobro to have something to play. It was great fun and a lot less loud than our later incarnations.

The name is a play on Neil Young's band Crazy Horse.

Line up

  • Leo Greene - guitar, vocals
  • Jay Goldbach - dobro, harmonica, guitar, vocals
  • Matt Endrizzi - bass, vocals
  • Mike Ricetti - guitar, vocals, banjo