Jay Goldbach
Music, Woodworking & Fine Art

Natural Beauty

My passion is sharing the wonder I find in nature. My artistic challenge is helping the object tell it's own story, and they're all interesting if you listen carefully enough.

I collect local reclaimed and sustainably sourced timber and other natural materials and study them carefully to understand the story they want to tell. I "listen" to the grain of the wood, observe the internal geometry and stresses that the wood is under, the patterns and flaws that may be undesirable to some, but to me, they are beauty marks. They are the story of the tree's first life.

It can be a messy business, but after staring at a computer screen all day, my mind, body and spirit crave something real. Please enjoy.

I believe in and practice sustainable methods as much as I can. I do not use epoxy or other plastic fillers, I try to use natural finishes like Tung Oil, Shellac, Sugi Ban and waxes when possible; using finishes like polyurethane only when necessary. I try to use all parts of the materials in respectful ways and the rest is used as firewood.

I also build custom guitars, record music, create found object sculptures, paint and create other art pieces, all crafted with an emphasis on sustainability, earth-friendly practices and materials and environmental stewardship.

Please enjoy.